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Something to look forward to in the dark days as November slides into December. Come and watch The Seven Champions and Old Glory on Saturday 30th Nov and Sunday 1st Dec in Whitstable, Badlesmere and Faversham. Old Glory are a simply marvellous Molly side, full of ritual and theatre, who only dance in the Winter season and mostly only in their native Suffolk. We have enticed them South for the weekend and both sides will be performing as follows: Saturday 30th Nov: The Deadman's Stage, Whitstable Harbour 14.00 - 15.00 and then around town and later, at The Red Lion, Badlesmere, from 20.00 plus song session after. Sunday 1st Dec Noon, Faversham Antiques and Vintage Market, Faversham Market Place. Don't miss it and spread the word.

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